Developing a National Stormwater BMP Testing and Verification Program: An Update on the Stormwater Testing and Evaluation of Products and Practices (STEPP) Initiative

Presentation: PowerPoint

Author(s): Chris French Director of Stormwater Programs Water Environment Federation (WEF) WEF Stormwater Institute

Abstract: Stormwater BMP pollution removal efficiency studies have increased in both frequency and complexity over the past 15 years. However, the stormwater monitoring field is still relatively young. The approach to categorize, review, certify, evaluate, verify and/or approve stormwater runoff controls is less mature than that of other water monitoring sectors. Programmatic and administrative inconsistencies have unfortunately developed throughout the country as states, permitting authorities, and researchers have independently developed BMP evaluation protocols and evaluation programs. The result is a landscape of water quality studies that utilize different monitoring techniques, which make direct comparisons of BMP studies difficult. The Water Environment Federation (WEF) began the National Stormwater Testing and Evaluation of Products and Practices (STEPP) Initiative in 2013 in order to address this sector-wide issue. This presentation will provide background on the nature of the problem, discuss the Initiative’s progress, and present options for municipalities and permitting authorities to consider on how to integrate innovative technology review processes into their programs.