From Coal Country to the Chesapeake: USGS Water Science in West Virginia and Virginia

Presentation: PowerPoint 

Author(s): John Jastram Hydrologist and Program Development Specialist Virginia and West Virginia Water Science Center U.S. Geological Survey

Abstract: The U.S. Geological Survey Virginia and West Virginia Water Science Center conducts diverse and comprehensive water-resources science throughout Virginia and West Virginia and is also engaged in studies at regional and national scales. The Centers’ program encompasses the quantity, availability and quality of water throughout all components of the hydrologic cycle. This presentation will highlight the data-collection networks operated by the Center and the tools available to access those data as well as the varied studies the Center is currently leading. Studies such as assessing the quality of water in mine-pools of West Virginia, geophysical logging of aquifers throughout Virginia and West Virginia, monitoring, computation, and trend analysis of nutrient and sediment loads from tributaries of Chesapeake Bay, monitoring of urban stormwater and assessment of responses to implementation of management practices, and monitoring and assessment of subsidence in coastal Virginia will be discussed. Opportunities for federal, state, local, academic, and other institutions to partner with USGS will also be described.