New Monitoring Technologies for Managing Water Quality

Presentation: PowerPoint

Author(s): John Hochheimer and Katelin Kelly Tetra Tech

Abstract: This presentation provides an overview of the potential opportunities that can be associated with a new generation of advanced water monitoring technologies. Advanced monitoring technologies include new and emerging sensor technologies, remote sensing applications, and data management/analysis platforms. Collectively, the technologies have the potential to allow many different users to collect and share data faster and more affordable than many of the current water quality monitoring methods. Increased data frequency and spatial coverage of water data has provided users with the opportunity to transform our understanding (e.g., quality, quantity, use, and management) for waters we monitor now. In addition, there are other water bodies for which we will be able to gain insight but have not been able to monitor because of resource constraints. Resource managers, citizens, and researchers have access to data that enable them to detect problems as they emerge rather than after the fact. While opportunities are great, a number of challenges also are associated with these technologies, including data management, method validation, and policy issues.