Pervious Concrete for Impervious Landscapes: Hydrologic Function and Regulatory Credit

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Author: Stu Schwartz Center for Urban Environmental Research and Education University of Maryland Baltimore County

Abstract: Pervious concrete stormwater systems represent a reliable green infrastructure technology that can restore hydrologic function in the urban impervious landscape. Traditional stormwater infrastructure design relies on unified sizing criteria for “pass-fail” design and regulatory compliance. We describe the site-specific hydrologic design for pervious concrete stormwater systems bases on consistent risk-based criteria. Examples from several recent Mid-Atlantic pervious concrete projects highlight the derivation of a unique Effective Curve Number (ECN), to quantify site-specific design-specific hydrologic services of pervious concrete stormwater systems. ECN provides a robust consistent framework to quantify hydrologic and regulatory performance for value engineering green infrastructure systems, supporting Environmental Site Design, and the design of sustainable landscapes.